Flora Maxi DressFlora Maxi Dress

Flora Maxi Dress

Rs. 2,490.00
Anna Smocked DressAnna Smocked Dress

Anna Smocked Dress

Rs. 1,990.00
Rafina DressRafina Dress

Rafina Dress

Rs. 2,190.00
Athena DressAthena Dress

Athena Dress

Rs. 2,190.00
Medora MaxiMedora Maxi

Medora Maxi

Rs. 2,390.00
Panama Smocked DressPanama Smocked Dress
On sale

Panama Smocked Dress

Rs. 1,590.00 Rs. 1,790.00
Printed Shirt DressPrinted Shirt Dress
Sold out

Printed Shirt Dress

Rs. 1,990.00
Verona Short DressVerona Short Dress

Verona Short Dress

Rs. 2,090.00
Cento Short DressCento Short Dress

Cento Short Dress

Rs. 2,090.00
Keitt DressKeitt Dress

Keitt Dress

Rs. 1,790.00
Como DressComo Dress

Como Dress

Rs. 1,790.00
Ukiyo DressUkiyo Dress
Sold out

Ukiyo Dress

Rs. 2,290.00
Venice DressVenice Dress

Venice Dress

Rs. 2,240.00
Delos Shirt DressDelos Shirt Dress

Delos Shirt Dress

Rs. 1,880.00


Dresses are full fledged ensembles that have been clothed by women since time immemorial. With the ever changing dynamics of fashion vogue, these dresses have seen distinctions in their styling, patterns, fabrics and silhouettes. In the contemporary times, these are not just associated with lavish affairs but also Sunday brunches, pool parties, dinner date, or even a formal meeting with clients. The everyday fashion conundrum of picking out outfits for different occasions can be unravelled by pilling up different styles of dresses for various occasions. Their effortless styling is what makes them a timeless classic!

The diverse collection of ready to wear dresses for women at HOUSE OF SAL is an unmatched solace. The superior quality of crafting by the manufacturers and innovative fresh prints put forth by our designers amounts to the customer's pleasing online experience with us.

Unveiling the dressing essentials at HOUSE OF SAL that are worth your attention:

A shirt dress is a style that includes collared necks or cuffed sleeves similar to a man's shirt.

These are typically made without a seam at the waist so often have a looser fit. Buttoned fronts gives it a forgiving. Shirt Dress with Lace detailing and the newly introduced Printed Shirt Dresses have an elegant finish.

Minimalistic Jewellery - Avoid putting on heavy neckpieces instead use flow earrings and chic eyewear with waist belts.
Footwear and appealing Clutches - Go for simple flats or heels and classy clutches.

HOUSE OF SAL has various refreshing and alluring designs with delicate fabrics and intricate details that would be perfect for lounging by the pool or even amiable brunches.The subtle vibrant prints are provided in exquisite patterns such as Printed Shirt Dress, Jungle Print Dress, Printed Swirl Dress, Cherry Cut-Out Dress and more to follow! Even the Floral Printed Dresses for women are a full fancy and have won hearts of our customers.
Minimalistic Accessories - You should ideally pair small hoop earrings or even studs and delicate neckpieces. Also pairing warm toned sunglasses will be perfect for sunbathing activities.
Footwear Options - Pair them with your gladiator heels for that elongated look. For prioritising comfort, you can certainly opt for casual flats.

Enhance your fashion style by piling your closet with our meticulously crafted short and mini dresses for women. These mini dresses are timeless and radiate suaveness. Whether it's a casual day-out or grand celebrations, HOUSE OF SAL mini dress collection for women is

replete with luxurious fabrics, classic sophistication and contemporary trends which will bring to fruition your fashion needs.
Glaring Ornaments and Footwear - Oversized earrings, layered necklaces or bracelets and sassy handbags will present a striking appeal. Pairing classic sneakers will add a trendy and super sexy style.

Layer It Up - Winter fashion is always perplexing but don't worry we've got you! Pair our chic mini dresses with turtleneck tops underneath or simply add jackets and cardigans for a cosy fit. Also fleece stockings is perfect for covering the legs.

Maxi dresses are casual stylish dresses for women that reach down till the ankles and are amazingly comfortable as you can go on wearing them the whole day. These exude a balance of modesty and glamour. Our flowy maxi dress portray class and refinement, making them a staple in every woman's wardrobe. Berry Layered Dress, Scarlett Dress, Floral Print Maxi Dress and Moonlight Frock Dress are some of the many options of maxis. STYLE IT!
Complimentary Jewellery - Pair solid coloured earrings and comfortable neckpieces and any other adornments that are minimalistic. Also pairing it with layered bracelets or a simple bow tie in the hair will add to the elegance.
Go for Totes - For a beachy boho look, adding tote bags or straw bags are a win-win. These are easy to carry plus they'll embrace the simplicity of the attire.

Not only maxis but you'll also fall in love with our midi dresses for women in various prints and colours to choose from. Some of our best midi bestsellers are Black A-Line Dress, Ukiyo Dress, Sunset Satin Midi, and Long Midi Dresses. The sheer detailing by our designers, bold prints and classic solids makes up perfect midi dress for any occasion.
Hair - Wearing hair ornaments or just simply going for messy buns to make sure you look your best.
Elementary Accessories - Style our opulent midi dresses for women with basic necklaces and layered armlets to make sure you look minimal and effortless at the same time.

Satin dresses put together at HOUSE OF SAL have a silky and elastic fabric with a lovely drape that is extremely dazzling. These have a glossy polished finish that is extremely sumptuous. These are an essence of luxurious sophistication and are ideal for whimsical dinner date and other solemn ceremonies.
High Heels - These smooth satin dresses calls for a formal pair of high heels which makes the attire on fleek.
Glaring Jewels - Opting for blazing pendants, wristlets and danglers and carrying a modest clutch or compact handbag will add extra splendour to the apparel.

The bright sultry Summer entails an invigorating wardrobe full of warm toned hues or tints. Explore the exhilarating summer dresses for women at HOUSE OF SAL that embodies several short dresses, printed dresses, layered dresses and backless. We have emphasised extensively on the softest and breathable fabrics so that you can beat the heat if you're vacationing somewhere warm, be it a tropical getaway or a dry desert oasis.
Golden Ornaments - The resplendent gold coloured rings, hoops and layered necklaces is ideal for summer outfits. Going for minimal styling is best in summers due to the blazing heat of sun.
Footwear - Wear strappy flats or neutral sandals or any other footwear that is comfy.

Picking out simple yet trendy dresses in contemporary designs is an essential for every lady's armoires. Casual dresses ideally should combine comfort and style for everyday occasions. Perform your everyday affairs in fancy!
Subtle Accessories - Ordinary necklaces, armlets and eyewear will embrace the simplicity. Footwear options - Wearing comfortable sneakers or wedges is classic for your casual outings.

At HOUSE OF SAL the ensemble garments are designed to embrace a women's aplomb. These unique prints, fabrics, tints supports edgy fashion that goes beyond the trends of the day to push the proverbial envelope of fashion. Get ready to elevate your wardrobe at the Place of Sal!


Q1. Which dresses suit pear shaped bodies?
In order to create a harmonious silhouette, we need to provide wider shapes at the bottom, but also with a suitable neckline. Adding a belt to a dress is also a good way to outline the waist. Some beautiful dress shapes at HOS to flatter the pear shaped figure are Black A-Line Dress, Floral Print Maxi Dress, Tropical Cut-Out Dress and other A-line dresses.

Q2. What dresses to wear in Goa ?
HOS presents a whole range of beach dresses for women. The nature inspired prints as well as symphony of
individualistic colours are perfect for your Goa outfits.

Q3. Which dresses are suitable for short ladies?
Preferring to buy our maxis and midi dresses is a wonderful option for all the petite ladies out there. Also styling high heels with different dresses lengthens the overall figure.

Q4. Are dresses considered business casual?
Yes, some dresses if styled formally can be classified as business casuals. Such as our shirt dresses or satin dresses for women can be opted for client meeting and styled accordingly.

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